Saturday, November 24, 2012

News from the front - The Duke is not pleased

News of the expected clash with Stagonia is trickling back. (The Duke has of course posted spies within the entourage of General Rossi.) This is the first outing for the Duke's army and the news has him chewing his mustache and wondering how his Colonels were selected and who they are related to, he must consult the chamberlain.

First there is the case of the Asti Spumonti Cuirrasier Regiment, ordered to advance, deploy and then proceed through the defile to the south of the village, their Colonel, supposedly a veteran of the French Wars, chose to push blindly through the gap in column, dismissing the warning of enemy in the area. When taken to task, his response was then to sulk and do nothing. Is it possible that he is in Stagonian pay? It would be best over all that he redeem himself in battle or die.

Oddly the Cianti Regiment composed of Citizen Volunteers, moved by love of their Duke to rush to arms in his defense have formed in a credible fashion despite their inexperience while the veteran mercenaries waffle. And why exactly is the brigadier lagging so far in the rear of his troops?

On the other flank, right under the eyes of General Rossi, the Izzo Regiment which had been ordered to deploy and move past the town to attack a dominating hill where the General expected Stagonian guns to deploy shortly, instead deployed in such as way as to not only prevent it self from moving past and fulfilling its orders but also blocking the fire of the gun which was deployed to fire at the town in anticipation of the enemy occupying the town.  

Is this a case of a regimental commander feeling that he knows better than the general?  Was this a refusal to risk his regiment for the greater good? He will bear watching. His finances and family connections may also need investigation. or is it possible that General Rossi secretly issued orders which my spies did not hear? (Hmmm.Well, we'll see how he does in this campaign. I'd best see if I can insert an extra spy into his household.)

Chamberlain! Double the guards on the city gates and keep a sharp eye out for the next courier!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Beginning

This blog will cover the Duchy of Alpia's involvement in the fictional 16th century miniature campaign between two Imagi-Nations, the Duchy of Alpia and the Duchy of Stagonia.

-- Jeff