Saturday, December 1, 2012

Update from the Front. The Duke is pleased but worried.

Another Courier has arrived fresh from the battlefield, the smell of blood, sweat and gunpowder still clinging to him.

It seems that the battle is going well but is not yet decided. The vile Stagonians have had some setbacks but sneakily rallied in safe havens and have unlimbered their monstrous guns and having been plying them to effect. So far the Dukes men have fought bravely despite the odds and the casualties but with battles as with all games of chance, you can win a castle in the morning but be homeless by supper.

At least his spies report no signs of suspicion activity by General Franscioni or Colonel Izzo. Indeed the latter appears to be a hard drinking soldier of the old school who does his duty on the field as he sees fit but not always up on the details of administration and logistics. His Major then, perhaps? hmm.  

Must have the Chamberlain investigate all suppliers of match and powder and double check the stores in the city's arsenals.

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  1. I should note that all Stagonian ambassadors are trained to deny any Stagonian involvement of the "vile tricks" sort.

    -- Jeff